2002 Pontiac Rotor question.

  • 2002 PONTIAC
So I went for a tire rotation oil change and general inspection. I thouhgt my breaks were a problem and possibly my tires. The place I took it told me my rotors were rusted and pitted very badly. I asked if it looked like normal wear and tear, they said they didnt think so. They also recommended they be replaced it was so bad.

I have an extended warranty with my dealer and they said they would take a look. They came back and said it was not covered but they would turn them. I talked to the first place and they said they felt it would be unsafe to turn them because of the amount of material they would have to remove would not be allowed by saftey guildlines.

So is the dealer who wants to turn them truly being unsafe or is the place who wants to replace them just out to get me for more money. Of course I guess they could both be right and just interpreting things differently?

Any thoughts.

I live in Indiana.
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Thursday, August 10th, 2006 AT 9:22 AM

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Well honestly if someone says something im doing with my brakes is unsafe I usually listen because brakes are something you depend on numerous times a day and its better off to be safe than sorry. Yes pitting can reduce braking power and it is very possible the amount they have to turn them might make them too narrow and wont be able to withstand the heat of excessive use putting you in danger. If it were me I would buy the new rotors I wouldnt pay more than 25-30 a peice and I do find it very odd that there is pitting on all rotors. You can always ask them to show you the problem and see for yourself. Hope that helps good luck.

Ps. You also might be better off buying the rotors yourself as you might be able to get them cheaper if you shop around but not all dealerships will install parts you bring in.
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Thursday, August 10th, 2006 AT 2:06 PM

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