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I purchased a 74 GTO as a project car for my son and me to restore. I'm still waiting for the son part to come into the project. Anyway, I have an intermittent electrical problem. The car, at times, will not crank. Not even a solenoid click. It does not appear to be heat related. Battery is good to go. Currently I'm running a remote starter solenoid which is about 3 years old. The original 350 was replaced with a crate 455. The starter and ignition switch are original. When she decides to crank, she roars. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 AT 6:32 PM

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Thanks. I replaced ignition switch and nothing. The car was originally a 4 speed manual but now has a Turbo 400. I belive the 74 venture required a full depression of the clutch in order to start (basically a form of neutral start switch). I'm trying to locate the clutch switch as the original clutch pedal is mounted high on the floor board/firewall. I'm thinking if the switch was left in and is faulty, I can just cut it out and wire back together. Anyones thoughts? [/B]The real trouble going on here is the car was being set up for drag and i'm trying to take it back to show. A lot of wiring changes. I have all the documenation from a prevoius owner who did the rewiring except his telephone number.

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Sunday, January 8th, 2006 AT 11:14 AM

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