I'm working on a 94 Pontiac Grand Am, has 130.000 miles, The tilt pins came out of steering wheel drop down an loose, took out ignition harness, to fix this I put my chest againist the steering wheel an wiggled it back in, as I was pushing an turning to get it back in I touched something around the ignition switch without disconnecting the battery, an gave a spark around the ignition switch, bought a new switch but still did not start, cleaned the battery post, I ran a wire to the harness switch to the battery an it starts that way but not through the key. No power to the radio, door locks, panel on the dash. I have power to the dome light, headlights, turn signals are on but don't blink, did not see a fuse link to starter. I put a wire to the positive an to any of the ones that don't have power have power this way but not the regular way. When I do this of the wire to the harness to the battery a clicking noise up on the left hand side of the engine, someone told me that there is a fuse box under the hood, could not find it but the one inside the car. Thanks abunch for your help an for others.

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006 AT 4:39 PM

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For One Your Starter Is Never On A Fuse. Would Not Handle To Amps. What U Did Was Probably Blew One Of Ur fuses In Ur Box. Check All Of Them. See If That Helps Ya Any Normally When U Ground Something Out It'll Just Fry A Fuse Instead Of Fuckin Something Up Espeacially Since U Said Ur Radio And Stuff Dont Work Thats What I Would Check

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Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 AT 11:41 PM

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