2002 Pontiac Grand Am



March, 30, 2006 AT 5:50 PM


quick question I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere else, including my haynes repair manual:

the other day I noticed a bulge in the back of my driver's seat, mid-way down near the right side. When feeling it, it seems to be a coiled spring that maybe broke or came unhooked? I can't figure out how to get up in there though.

all the sites and books show how to rip the entire seat out, or how to measure for padding replacement or for adding heater pads, but nothing about how to simply pull the seat cover off so I can roll it up and get a look at what's going on. Any suggestions?

I wasn't able to see any hooks, bolts, zippers, or anything, but I also am not sure what i'm looking for exactly.

also, would this fall under upholstery repair? I've been having a hard time figuring out how to search for this issue too, even on amazon and barnes and noble for manuals.


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March, 30, 2006 AT 5:57 PM

Some GM cars use a long flat spring with " S" shapped curves. It sounds like one has broken loose.

The area where the seat folds at the very bottom is usually held in with " hog C" clips. Remove them and tug the seat cover up. It would be easier if you removed the seat back from the main seat.



March, 30, 2006 AT 6:01 PM

How many clips should I be looking for?

And thanks for the reponse!


ok, found that there is an odd sharp-hooked, almost zipper-type set of interlocking plastic strips holding the front and back together at the bottom of the seat.

Got those unhooked and realized they are sewn to the rest of the underpadding for the bottom seat cover - it appears to go underneath the main bottom seat cover. Anyways, too much work for the moment, when I can reach my hand up and feel around now.

So, I found that there is a wireframe type of lattice that holds the padding firmly in place. There are primary rods with hooked ends that run the length of the lattice, and the top-right corner hook is broken, allowing the lattice to be pressed back against the seat cover, causing the bulge (which seems to be nearing more of a worn rip, almost).

I think I may have to replace the metal rod. It is plastic-coated, and about as thick as a coat hanger. Can't use a hanger to rig somethnig though, it is a thicker gauge and not flexible at all. Maybe home depot has something.

By any chance does someone have a generic diagram of the seats? I'd rather not rip mine apart if I can feel this thing back into place with a replacement part.



March, 30, 2006 AT 6:45 PM

Closest I can find to diagrams are referenced under the GMPartsDirect site, by checking their online catalog

and selecting any of the parts, and then the image link, which brings up a diagram of the seat bases for driver and passenger side, but nothing for the seat backs.



March, 31, 2006 AT 7:02 AM

Now that you are becoming an expert GM seat tech, I suggest you buy a junk seat with a bad cover at the local salvage yard. Use your seat cover and work it on the frame. A lot easier than repairing the old one. You could also use the pieces parts from the salvage seat. Good Luck!

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