2002 Pontiac Grand Am 2002 Grand Am Gas Gauge off

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2002 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Automatic 110000 miles

I bought this car on Thursday, when I purchased it the gas gauge read 1/4 tank so I stopped to fill up. I put $20 in and pulled away and the gauge only went up a hair. I was confused, but thought maybe it just had a huge tank. I stopped Friday to put more gas in, got to $5 and the pump clicked indicating it was full. Left the station and the gauge was at 1/2 tank. Drove 3 hours south of my home and mileage was at 230 so I stopped to get gas again because the gauge was at 1/4 tank. $16 and tank was full. Back at 1/2 tank on the gauge. Drove 2 hrs north to go back home and all the sudden the gas gauge just dropped to E and the gas light came on. I freaked thinking there might be a sensor that causes the car to cut off after so many miles with the light on so I stopped at got gas $5 and it popped.

I am so frustrated because I have no clue how much gas I have, I was just gonna go by miles and fill up every 200 miles, but after that scare with the gas light coming on I don't know what to do! I "thought" I got a good deal on the car but when I got home with it I noticed many many things were wrong. All small things, but there were bulbs and fuses burnt out on the drivers side which coincidentally I think had been in an accident because the fender and door have been replaced and the bumper repainted. I had to replace almost all the bulbs and fuses for the drivers side. Could this be a fuse for the gas gauge? All the other gauges work. HELP!
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Saturday, September 5th, 2009 AT 10:03 AM

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Actually a fuse won't cause this problem. There is a float in the fuel tank that contains a rheostat. The rehostat is a resister that sends different levels of voltage to the gauge based on how much gas is in the tank. It sounds like yours is bad and will need replaced. THe bad part is that it is part of the fuel pump and in the fuel tank, so it isn't a cheap fix.
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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 AT 7:52 AM

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