1984 Pontiac Firebird



March, 6, 2008 AT 9:42 PM

Electrical problem
1984 Pontiac Firebird 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 103000 miles

I have a 1984 Pontiac Firebird V6. The problem started recently, anytime I hit the gas to accelerate the car hesitates. As if the engine isn't getting a steady flow of gas, my guess is the fuel pump is going out? Any other guesses?

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March, 18, 2008 AT 7:33 PM

Sounds like it could also be your transmission fluid is low. You should check you transmission fluid level and check for leaks. May be the fuel pump like you said too though.



April, 25, 2008 AT 8:34 AM

I know what your problem is mine did the same thing it would hesitate and then all of the sudden just romp check your carbureator if not that then check your throttle cable if it is loose it will do that there is a button on the cable valve that can be moved up or down to tighten the cable

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