1997 Plymouth Voyager Engine Stalls while driving (under lo

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I have a 1997 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 Litre Van (base model). I got the van a little over a year ago and the van has always run great. It does at startup after it sits for a night put out about a second or two of dark smoke - and I have to top up the oil every three to four weeks. So I know I have a internal leak.
The problem is after I did an oil change during the winter - A oil tech said I should be putting in 10w30 in instead of 5w30. So we went with that. Two days later the van stalls while driving and I can only keep it going with the foot on the gas keeping it at a higher rpm. I was at a loss. The van had no trouble codes, and would just stall - the radio and all the lights would be on but the engine would stall. I noticed after a couple of stalls that the oil light would come on for a second then turn off.
So I complained to the oil tech - He drained the 10w30 and put 5w30 back in with a new filter.

This seems to 'fix' it. But why does it do this? Can't this engine run on 10w30? Also whenever a thicker oil additive or 'cleaner' is put in - a couple days later the stalling starts again. I was hoping the thicker oil would slow the leaking. I think it's the oil but maybe there is another issue?

Do you have a hypothesis on this? Or maybe an idea for a fix?

thank you

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Saturday, May 30th, 2009 AT 11:04 PM

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Hi Ken,

Thank you for the donation.

When the oil light flickers, engine might stall as the oil pressure switch is linked to the body control module which is linked to PCM.

It could possibly be due to a drop in the oil pressure and this can happen with a higher viscousity oil. If you have been using oil treatments ( additives) they would build up a coating which would clog the oil strainer in the oil sump and when this happens, oil pressure drops when the clogging causes insufficient oil to be pumped by the oil pump.

I would suggest dropping the oil pan to check the strainer for clogging. If the oil pressure light flickers intermittently, it could escalate to more serious problem and might seize the engine.
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Monday, June 1st, 2009 AT 12:56 PM

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