1988 Plymouth Voyager This is a 2 parter Windshield wipers

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Steering problem
1988 Plymouth Voyager 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

I have been restoring this van over the last three years, but now have run into some issues. The windshield wipers just stopped running last week. I changed the fuse under the dash board, but it still isn't working. I messed with it for a bit today and it went up twice and then nothing more. The fluid still pumps out as it always has, though. The second part of the question is in regards to the steering. It has been doing this since I bought the van. The steering hitches every once in awhile. It feels almost like non-power steering at times. I can compensate for it, but wouldn't let anyone else drive it. Might it be the belt or the power steering pump? I am slowly rebuilding this thing, but I feel much safer in the van than in a car with the drivers up here. It is costing me a fortune, but I feel it will be worth it. I would donate more than I am today if I hadn't just spent a small fortune on getting the axle replaced.

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Sunday, September 7th, 2008 AT 12:39 PM

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Hi tvlmgr13,

Thank you for the donation.

I would suggest checking the power steering belt tension. If it is ok, you need to check the fluid condition and the valve body.

Hope the chart and wiring schematics helps.


1. Check for blown fuse. If fuse is not blown, go to step 3). If fuse is blown, replace it and check motor operation in all switch positions. If motor is still inoperative and fuse does not blow, go to step 3).
2. If fuse blows, disconnect motor wiring connector and replace fuse. If fuse does not blow, motor is defective and should be repaired or replaced. If fuse blows, switch or wiring is at fault.
3. Position panel switch in low-speed position. If motor can be heard running, check motor output shaft. If shaft is not turning, replace motor assembly.
4. If shaft is turning, check drive link to output shaft for worn parts or disconnected components. If motor cannot be heard running, connect a voltmeter between motor terminal "L" and ground strap.
5. If no voltage is present, check wiring and switch. If there is about 12 volts at terminal "L", problem is open ground circuit. Ensure mount is free of paint and mounting nuts are tight.


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Monday, September 8th, 2008 AT 11:07 AM

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