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1998 Plymouth Breeze

OK I am trying to finish a job I did not start. My in law was told he needed to replace driver side rear wheel cylinder, ha. Here is my problem, he removed everything but the wheel cylinder thinking it would save me some time. I replaced cylinder and was getting ready to install new shoes also but realized I did not take apart so I have know clue how to re-install shoes. So what I need is a picture to look at and I have looked all over and cannot find one so any help would be helpful.

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Leading Brake Shoes

NOTE: The leading rear brake shoes on this vehicle are designated for which side of the vehicle they are to be installed on. When correctly installed, the web reinforcement plate on the brake shoes will be facing toward the brake support plate.

Lubricate the eight brake shoe contact areas (indicated by arrows) on the support plate and anchor using Mopar Multi-Purpose Lubricant or equivalent.

Install the park brake cable on the park brake actuating lever of the trailing brake shoe.

CAUTION: The leading and trailing brake shoes used on the rear brakes of this vehicle are unique (handed) for the left and right side of the vehicle. Care must be taken to ensure the brake shoes are properly installed on the vehicle. When the trailing brake shoes are properly installed on the correct side of the vehicle, the park brake actuating lever will be positioned behind the brake shoe web.

Install the correctly handed trailing brake shoe on the support plate so it is squarely seated on the shoe contact areas. Then install the brake retainer on the retainer pin.

Install the automatic self adjuster mechanism on the correct leading brake shoe assembly using the reverse procedure as indicated in step Step 14 of the brake shoe removal procedure. Refer to image for the correct installation of the adjuster mechanism on the leading brake shoe. NOTE: When installing the leading brake shoe, the web support plate must be facing the brake support plate.
Install the leading brake shoe and the adjuster mechanism as an assembly on the brake support plate.

Be sure leading brake shoe assembly is squarely seated on the brake support plate shoe contact areas. Then install the brake retainer on the retainer pin.

Install the lower return spring onto the leading and trailing brake shoe assembly. CAUTION: The upper brake shoe return spring and adjuster mechanism actuating spring are unique for the side of the vehicle they are used on. The springs are colored for identification of which side of the vehicle they are to be used on. The left side springs are colored green and the right side springs are blue.

Install the upper return spring (blue right side, green left side) on the leading brake shoe first, then on the trailing brake shoe.

Install the automatic adjuster actuation spring first on the trailing brake shoe and then hook it onto the adjuster mechanism.
Install the rear brake drums on the hubs.
Install the wheel and tire assemblies.
Tighten the wheel mounting stud nuts in proper sequence until all nuts are torques to half specification. Then repeat the tightening sequence to the full specified torque of 129 Nm (95 ft. lbs.) .
Lower vehicle
Adjust rear brake shoes. Brake shoes will adjust by fully depressing the brake pedal 2 to 3 times. Brake shoes should now be correctly adjusted and will not require any type of manual adjustment.
Road test vehicle.
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