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Temp gage goes to HOT in six blocks. New thermostat, then new temp coolant sensor, problem continued. Flushed radiator twice with plain water and w/ flush solution, bled system, problem continued. Took car into rapair facility. Repairman checked pressure w/ device said can detect no leaks, refused to replace water pump (pump was replaced in 2006). I can see no belt going to pump. Start-up is some times rough I think you can briefly hear signs of growling or slipping, then settles. Timing Belt seems to have play in it to me. Could loose timing belt affect water pump function?

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007 AT 11:05 AM

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Have it block and pressure tested-do the block first to pinpoint a combustion leaking into the cooling system or a gas analyzer to sniff for hydrocarbons at the radiator fill neck.

Pressure test: do not do a pressure test if there's leakage at the headgasket this might cause coolant into the cylinders and lock it up or bend a connecting rod if cranked thereafter. The headgasket should be repaired before doing the pressure test.

If the block and pressure test passes check the following: Thermostat, Clogged radiator, Fan clutch, Radiator electrical fan, collaspe hoses, water pump.

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007 AT 4:12 PM

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