rich w

November, 23, 2006 AT 5:06 PM

How can you check a window motor to see if it is bad?


2 Answers



November, 24, 2006 AT 1:44 PM

My electric panel for opening the driver side window would not work. It was fairly easy to change it out. I took everything off the arm rest etc, went to the local pick a part lot and replaced it cheaply. Now it works fine.

I dont know if that would work for you but it worked for me.


Bob G

December, 3, 2006 AT 12:37 AM

Take the door panel off, and find the wires going to the window (there is usually 2 wires) follow the wires from the motor till you reach an area you can either cut some of the insulation off each wire or be able to cut the wires in an open area so you can splice them back together eaisly when your done testing. I prefer cutting the wires so there is no back feed when you test. Once you cut the wires, cut back the insulation on both wires that go back to the motor, then either add a longer piece of wire to both or use jumper wires with alligator clips, get a spare battery or if the wires are long enough you can use the battery in your vehicle. Connect one wire to Positive & the other to Negative, if the motor is good it will start and move the window, reversing the wire connections on the battery will cause the motor to run in reverse and move the window in the opposite direction, if the motor doesn't turn, it's junk. Hope this helps

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