1995 Oldsmobile Aurora should've known better

Transmission problem
1995 Oldsmobile Aurora 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120k miles

Just bought 95 Aurora at an auction. Put it in gear and a loud ka-chunk was accompanied by heavy lurch. Does the same going into Reverse or Drive. Mechanic on lot told me it was most likely the transmission mount. Does that sound right? What else could it be? How much trouble am I in with this car?
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Thursday, November 19th, 2009 AT 9:16 AM

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Fortunately, this does sound like a transmission and/or engine mount. They aren't expensive for parts, but the labor may be a bit much. It will all depend on the mechanic.

Unfortunately, many mechanics refuse to work on these cars. Not to say they won't. But when they do, they all want to charge more, simply because it's so hard to find the proper repair information, and there are so many parts to take off just to get to something simple.

Also, if you aren't attending a local police auction, you'll almost always get ripped off at an auction. And just because they have and official sounding name, does not mean they are affiliated with the government.

They also employ crooked mechanics just for the purpose of reconditioning a vehicle to fool an unsuspecting buyer. They'll put in extremely thick oil into the motor, and use what are called "Hot" spark plugs to make the engine run good and quit long enough to fool you.

They've been known to put glue on interior trim panels to hold them in place. They'll even take two wrecked cars and piece them together, throw on some paint to make it shiny and sell it.

If I were you, NEVER buy another car from any kind of auction that isn't controlled by the police or any other government entity.
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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 AT 8:48 AM

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