2003 Oldsmobile Alero



February, 11, 2008 AT 8:16 PM

Electrical problem
2003 Oldsmobile Alero 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

my Alero was driven all day and parked for 5 hours then wouldn't start so I checked fuses, relays and fuel pressure and no power to the fuel pump. II was told that it could be the ignition switch so I changed that and it still just turn's over I didn't have a flashing security light and the driver window won't roll down now are these related in the same manner or does anybody possibly have some information? I did try the reset process with the key switch / no luck. Signed Baffled


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February, 16, 2008 AT 8:53 PM

Try changing the fuel pum relay with the horn relay they should be the samethen write back with your results



April, 28, 2008 AT 2:38 PM

I have had problems for over a year with starting my 2002 Alero & have had it towed numerous times, only to be told later that it started fine for the mechanic.

I searched on-line and saw that this was a common problem & noted nearly 20 different solutions proposed. Yet, none of them appeared to be successful, and--like many other owners--I was ready to sell the car.

Well, I have finally solved the mystery & you will be amazed at how simple (and inexpensive!) The solution turns out to be.

Simply detach your car key from all other keys. That's it! For some reason, having additional keys attached somehow interferes with ignition.

This also explains why the damn car would always start for the mechanics--I only left them the single key! (I'd begun to think that the towing process somehow fixed the problem.)

So, give it a try! I sincerely hope that this trick works for all you frustrated Alero owners out there--



June, 13, 2013 AT 4:50 PM

It just happened to me and I solved the problem turning the key to ON and removing the gas pump relay for about 10 seconds and then putting it back, then switched the key back to of and it started fine. Since I did that I haven't have the same problem again.

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