Oil life indicator and reset

  • 2009 FORD EDGE
  • 3.5L
  • V6
  • 2WD
  • 140,000 MILES
The vehicle listed above is a Sport. I can't find how to reset or see the oil life. I own 5 other Fords and know how to see it from pushing the setup, then reset. I can scroll through this one and it is not on there. Am I missing something? Thanks
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Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 AT 6:47 AM

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Not all vehicles have this feature. It did not become standard on all vehicles until around 2012. So if when you scroll through the message center and the oil indicator is not there, then the vehicle does not have this option.

I looked through the owners manual and did not see this option either on the Ford Edge so again, I don't think it has it which is why you are not seeing it.

It may have an oil change reminder when it is time to change your oil but it just doesn't have the display to show the current % of oil life remaining. Ford was known for this and many customer's complained about not knowing when the warning was going to go off. The other problem this caused was when a customer would get the oil changed before the light went on and the dealer would not reset it, and then a short time after later the warning would come on. Many customer's thought that this was a sensor that judged the quality of the oil and not just a timer so they would accuse the dealer of not changing the oil.

Here is a link to the owner's manual and you can check it out and see if I just missed it on this one. Thanks

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Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 AT 7:17 AM

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