Noise and fibration going straight and truning right

  • 2003 FORD F-350
  • 116,000 MILES
2003 F350 6.0L 6 speed manual crew cab short box

Vibration and noise (more noise than vibration) coming from passenger side when accelerating becomes very prominent starting at 1800rpm and increases the higher the rpm's through all gears. DO NOT feel any vibration through the steering wheel. Noise and vibration increases when turning left, noise and vibration completely goes away when turning right, noise completely goes away when clutch is disengaged or put in neutral. Could not reproduce noise and vibration on dino machine. When I had new clutch installed the noise and vibration increased in intensity. When I shut the engine off you can slightly hear the noise and vibration.
Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 AT 9:21 AM

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Does the noise increase with vehicle speed or only RPM's? Based on your description, it sounds like an axle bearing, but that doesn't make sense with the clutch. Is the noise coming from the rear? (Possible carrier bearing)?
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Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 AT 10:45 AM

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