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June, 20, 2010 AT 12:22 PM

Transmission problem
1997 Nissan Primera 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

hi there,
im in the middle of changing the drivers side outer cv joint on a 1997 1.6 petrol primera.
i have all disconnected and the splined shaft removed from the wheel hub, the problem is how can i get the cv joint off the end of the shaft coming from the inner cv joint, this looks splined also and seem tight, do i have to remove the complete unit(shaft and inner joint)from the gear box to get this outer cv joint off? maybe you can link me to a video procedure. thanks


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June, 20, 2010 AT 1:31 PM

Hi rossi5. Welcome to the forum. Why are you removing the joint? I assume you are replacing either the joint or the boot. If you are replacing the joint, do you have the new one already? Look in the splined hole for the presence of a circlip. If you see that ring, it will either have two tabs on the ends or it will be a wire ring. With wire rings, hold the shaft back with one hand, pull on the joint with your other hand, and have a helper tap on the housing with a hammer to pop the joint off. With a circlip, a special tool is used to expand the clip, then the joint can be pulled off. Hammering will not help. If the joint doesn't slide off easily, the clip isn't lined up all the way around. When it is, the joint will slide of easily. An expanding snap ring pliers works just as well as the special tool.

Some Japanese cars have outer joints that can not be removed from the shaft. To replace the outer boot, the inner joint must be disassembled, then the new boot is slid across the shaft over to the joint.

If there is no circlip or ring in your new joint, there will be a ring that stays on the end of the shaft. Tapping with a hammer will pop this type of joint off. To push the joint on over that ring, it will be much easier if you go around it and poke it in with a flat blade screwdriver as you push it onto the shaft.




June, 22, 2010 AT 12:38 PM

Yes both the boot was damaged and the joint was knocking slightly, well I hope thats the joint that was knocking when I was turning right.

That last paragraph you sent worked ok, there is a circular clip that stays the end of the splined shaft.I didnt try putting on the new one yet, so I just put the new clip on here and push it into the new cv joint, there is another ring around the outside of the shaft so I believe this is a guide to how far the shaft is pushed in.


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