1985 Nissan Standard Shift Pick-up with Z24 Gasoline Engine

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If I start my 1985 Nissan pick-up cold and drive it only a short distance and shut it off for five or ten minutes then start it up again I can only drive for a quarter mile before it dies out completely. I think it runs until the carb empties. There must be a delivery problem, maybe vapor lock. It has an in-line electric fuel pump back along side the fuel tank with a canister fuel filter on the draw side of the pump between the pump and the tank. Evidently this is a low pressure fuel delivery system. I changed out the canister fuel filter but the problem persists. What is my next step? How much pressure should the pump be delivering at the carb? Can it vapor lock after a short run and shutting it down before it is completely warmed up? I have not noticed any loss of power on hills. Are there any other filters in this system such as in the pump itself, in the carb, or hidden behind something up front? I cannot see any visually. What is my next step? The mileage is moderate at around eighty thousand.

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Saturday, November 10th, 2007 AT 8:25 PM

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Try blowing out the lines with compress air-to rule out clogging. The pump should deliver a pressure between 3-5psi. And 50 fluid oz in 1 min. If not the pump is no good. Note: the fuel pump has an internal filter.

When it dies out try shooting it with carb cleaner if it starts up its coming from the fuel system if it doesn't you got ignition problem.

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Sunday, November 11th, 2007 AT 3:57 AM

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