1999 Nissan Maxima Fuel injectors

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 82,000 MILES
I was wondering if you could tell me how many fuel injectors are on my car and if it's something I could fix myself. When my car is in idle or park it sputters like it's running out of gas. A repairman told me that I need a new fuel injector, but I've been hosed so many times on this car that I just don't trust their word.
Thursday, April 15th, 2010 AT 8:00 AM

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There are six fuel injectors, 3 in the front bank and 3 in the rear bank. They are all mounted on a fuel rail and each injector have a connector on the top (google for it and you'll see what this looked like). Before doing any replacement though, have you tried concentrated fuel injector cleaners that you add to your gas tank as you fill up? Next, do you have a check engine light on? Autozone or Pepboys can read it for you for free. Next replace the fuel filter (google it for its location). If all of the above doesn't help, then disconnect the injector ONLY one at a time and check to see if that makes the engine runs differently. The one that shows no effect is the one that could possibly be the bad one. However, remember that fuel injector is mounted on a fuel rail that is pressurized, so if you have a warm engine and splash gasoline on the engine it may catch fire. So be careful. Also you should disconnect the battery before doing any gasoline related stuff. Also the problem could be your fule pump going weak/bad.
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Saturday, April 24th, 2010 AT 5:54 PM

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