1991 Nissan Maxima timing

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 203,000 MILES
Put new timing belt on aligned 3 marks on belt with 3 sprockets. With number one piston at tdc is the rotor on distributor supposed to point at number one plug wire and if it doesn't how do I get it to.
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Sunday, April 4th, 2010 AT 4:58 AM

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Hi ! You're not alone. I've got the same your problem, I want to post my problem on this side, But I see your problem, no body responding.
I have the same problem with NIssan Maxima 1990, automatic, 179,000 miles,
I've recently raplaced the timing belt, last weekend two day ago. All the timing mark srpocket line up timing, But the rotor on distrybutor is pointed at # 6 spark plus wire station,
First thing I though Auto machanic made mistake, because I left my car to the shop replaced timing belt. I tried to turn the right camshaft back a bout 2 nocth to get rotor bcak to # 1 spark plug, But I will not match on 3 white mark on the belt. I have to go back same place,
I put in new belt, 3 white line in the belt perfect fit in 3 timing mark on sprocket. These mark must be line up the 3 timing sprocket.
Then I made ajustment from distributor, completed removed distributor by removed one hold down bolt and lift distributor straight up. And ajust about 2 notch to the left, then put back tried get right on # 1 station, After all I put back every thing. And the car did not start. I have to do over again, line up crank shaft mark, then removed distributor 1 nocth away from #1 station to # 6 station direction. Engine can started, But run stale.
I've got have to do it over againt, moved rotor to # 6 station, Engine started right, base idle is fine, checked timing with strobe light 25 dregree before TDC, and driving test, Engine was strong, trainmisstion shift fine, It's not perfect smooth line new car, but acceptalbe for now.
I want to fix these problems, too.
Any ideas will helps . Thank you very much, Good luck to you
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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 AT 3:10 AM

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