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March, 8, 2006 AT 10:00 AM

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My 1998 Eclipse makes a horrible squealing noise each time I turn the wheel that is progressivly getting wrose to the point that if I turn it at all it makes that loud noise in the front of the engine. I have been having trouble with power steering, one belt I had broke. So I had a buddy put in a new one that also broke. And this third one seems to be fine. The car is not hard to turn but the noise is horrible when it does turn (extremly loud!). It started about two weeks after I replaced the last belt. Every once in a while it will be hard to turn like the power steering is out but not often. What is this horrible noise from!

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March, 9, 2006 AT 7:34 AM

Your power stering gear that sits in front of the engine is good. Unfortunatly the the power steering axle is damage and is thus is making that lound sound your hear. A new power stering axle for the eclipse is around 299.00 to 600.00 " depending on where you are at.



March, 9, 2006 AT 4:24 PM

I was looking under auto parts to get a price and could not find a power steering axle, only pump, rods, hose that kind of thing. Could that go under another name or is it just not under power steering?

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