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  • FWD
  • 110,000 MILES
Hi - I have a Mits 3000GT that shut down on me this morning and came back on by itself with a clicking noise. It then shut down and I had to crank it. It cranked fine but then made a clicking noise and kept shutting down and coming back on by itself. I finally got it home. Checked the oil and it has oil up to the first notch. The check engine light did come on along with the battery light. The battery light has been coming on and going off for the last couple of days while I have been driving it. I just got the battery in 11/2006. The car does have gas in it. I just had the starter rebuilt. Any ideas of why it would do this?
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Sunday, August 24th, 2008 AT 9:56 AM

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Ok. This just happened to me! What a ride! I have a 95 3000gt convertible. It drove fine for about 10 miles, then I heard a click sound that appeared to come from the gauge panel and it powered off and then back on. This happened about 10 times while I kept trying to drive it to find a shoulder to pull off. It finally lost all power when I came to a stop. It restarted and drove me the rest of the way to work as though nothing was wrong. Im afraid to drive it now so, its just sitting. WITH A FOR SALE SIGN ON IT! Lol Any suggestions on what might be wrong?
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Monday, February 27th, 2012 AT 3:59 PM

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