2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse



October, 25, 2008 AT 3:03 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

Hi, my mitsubishi has a P0141 code ( heater malfinction o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2). I figured that at 80000 miles I might as well replace both the sensore at the manifold and the downstream one. After installation was completed and the code was cleared, the light came back on and had the same discrepancy. I figured that maybe the sensor was defective and returned it. Unfortunately, that didn't help. The car is still gerring decent gas mileage and runs fine. I suppose my question is why is the light still on? Thank you for your help and time.


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October, 25, 2008 AT 5:24 AM

First of all this wont affect how the vehicle runs, so thats a good thing but if you have a known good o2 sensor then I would look real closely at the wiring harness and connector to the rear o2. There wilol be 4 wires in it and the 2 wires that are the same color(either 2 black or 2 white)are the heater wires. Make sure there is no corrosion in there and that the terminals are tight, then trace harness forward and see if you can find any spots that are tight against something or are rubbing. Hope this helps

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