1995 Mercury Mystique Starter


Electrical problem
1995 Mercury Mystique 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 94000 miles

Hi, I'm trying to remove the starter to do a bench test and inspect the flywheel. I've removed the battery, the air cleaner assembly, the fuel line bracket, the gear shift cable bracket and have removed the cables from the starter terminals. My question is, how on earth do I get to the transaxle retaining bolt and the starter retaining bolts? It seems like I'll have to remove more components to get to the retaining bolts. Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 AT 11:16 AM

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Your car is a 2.5 right ? just want to make sure. is not, just let me know.

we start with the loc of the starter.


here should be the removal:

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the engine air cleaner assembly.
Remove the fuel feed and return lines from the support bracket located on the accelerator cable bracket, and remove the fuel line bracket.
On your vehicle with a automatic transaxle, remove the gear selector and the gear shift cable bracket from the transaxle.
Remove the air cleaner support bracket from the engine and transaxle mount.
Remove the nuts on the starter terminals and remove the cables from the terminals.
Remove the starter motor-to-transaxle case retaining bolt at the rear of the starter.
Remove the two starter retaining bolts and carefully lift the starter from the transaxle case while disengaging the alignment pins.


Position the starter onto the alignment pins and onto the transaxle case.
Install the two starter retaining bolts and the rear retaining bolt and tighten them to 15-21 ft. lbs. (21-29 Nm).
Place the starter cables onto the terminals and tighten the retaining nuts to 80-124 inch lbs. (5-7 Nm).
Install the air cleaner support bracket.
If removed, install the gear shift selector and bracket.
Install the fuel line bracket and install the fuel lines in the bracket.
Install the air cleaner assembly.
Connect the negative battery cable.

hope you got the help you need. ask if you have questions.

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