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May, 12, 2006 AT 5:28 PM

I was driving back from work with my AC on, no problems. I stop at a sign, then when I go my car starts emitting this wretches squeal/squeek/soemthign noise and I can't move my steering wheel! Ok, so I use my ogre-like strength to force my wheel to move and somehow get back to my apartment. After I was home safe, further testing proved that if the vent is on, all is well, or if the AC is off. However, if the AC is on then the symptoms above repeat.

Symptoms also repeat if the underside of my car is splashed with water,


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May, 12, 2006 AT 8:29 PM

Please include a year and mileage. It will help narrow down problems for most any car.

Check the serpentine belts condition. Also check its tension and tensioner. A bad or loose belt will cause the noise and loss of steering assist. Water on the belt will make it worse.

Does the AC still work? Does the compressor turn freely?

Good luck and post back. : )



May, 12, 2006 AT 10:11 PM

1995 Grand mArque, 150,000+

AC still works, not sure about the compressor. I'll have the to look at the belt, I believe the AC cause water to drip, it may be getting on the belt, as earlier when the underside of the car got wet the symptoms repeated. Thanx for the advice.

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