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1998 Mercury Grand Marquis. 80,000 miles. 5L engine.

Intermittent electrical problem. New battery. The starter and alternator tested OK. Problem used to occur once a month, now it is almost daily.

The car frequently won't crank at all; in fact I lose all lights and power (including clock and radio) when turning key to start. Minutes later, it starts right up, indicating the battery is just fine.

The turn signals weren't working regularly so I just replaced a front light bulb that had corroded terminals. The hazard lights simply don't come on at all. I checked all fuses, both inside and under the hood in the power distribution box. I do not know how to diagnose a bad "lighting control module", which I understand is very expensive.
Thanks for any help, I am pulling out what little hair I have left.

The car has the autolamp feature, which I have never used. I just checked and it seems to works fine. I turned in all the way (counterclockwise) and the headlights came on, even in the Florida sun. Haven't had a problem with the headlights, yet. Seems the brake lights were intermittent last night (same as the turn signals), but they are working now.

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Sunday, September 9th, 2007 AT 11:57 AM

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Autolamp or not?



Wiring Diagram for autolamp system.

Was this
Sunday, September 9th, 2007 AT 12:11 PM

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