1992 Mercury Marquis



June, 8, 2007 AT 5:01 PM

92 Grand Marquis 4.6l Auto 103K

I have an engine check light problem The KOEO AND THE KOER test gave me a 327 error code which according to the Haynes manual is the code for EGR VALVE PRESSURE TRANSDUCER/POSOTION SENSOR circuit below minimum voltage.

I found the efr valve control solenoid and theres battery voltage to it with key off.

I hooked a mightyvac to the ERG valve and couls it hear it moving. It also held a vacuume.

I understand there's a vacuum pressure sensor but I cant find it.

I'd like to take the EGR valve off if you thing its necessary but the bolts are almost inaccessable.

Donation made.



Egr Valve


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June, 9, 2007 AT 8:50 AM

Is there an electrical connector on top of the EGR valve? If so that is the position sensor.



June, 11, 2007 AT 12:28 PM

92 Grand Marquis 4.L Auto 103K

The EGR is strictly mechanical. Its connected to a solenoid via a small vacuum hose.

The solenoid has 2 vacuum hoses connected to it bonded into a single 2 port boot. I believe the boot consists of manifold vacuum out that goes to the EGR and manifold vacuum in probably from the control valve I'm seeking and hoping to evaluate.

The above solenoid also connects a 2 pole electrical connector which is energized with battery voltage when in the Key On Engine Off position.

The manual mentions a control valve which is says is normally in an an " open" condition when the vehicle is in P or N, WOT engine temp below 133F.

I think that the circuit closes in the MAS midrange at operating temp & (I think) the TPS throttle position sensor meets the above conditions and that the signal is pulsed. I saw a picture of the control on an Auto Zone but it didn't have a location in the engine.

I'm wondering if this is the weak link and where the control valve is, and any other advise you have.

Getting the EGR valve off and scrubbing the gasket off the manifold is something I'd like to avoid if possible.

I'm also wondering if the EGR is OK (holds a vacuum and can hear the diaphragm opening & closing) but maybe clogged would I get the same 3 digit code.



June, 11, 2007 AT 3:40 PM

Possibly, get a insufficient egr flow situatuion. Pull valve on with vacuum tester, engine should almost if not completely die. If it doesnt, then the passages are clogged and need to be cleaned

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