Do I need to replace my EGR Valve

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Check engine light has codes P0102 & P0402 I was instructed that I need to replace the EGR Valve or clean - so I used the spray and no results - So I ordered a EGR Valve and called to see how much it would cost to install, and the mechanic wanted to know why I would replace this, it could be another problem EGR Valve don't usually go out - should I try cleaning the throttle body or some other advice to try before I spend the expense of the EGR Valve. Engine hesitates when traveling down highway at 50mph+ Thank you for your help
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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 AT 7:32 PM

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You have 2 unrelated issues. The EGR valve may or may not be part of the problem. It needs to be diagnosed properly.
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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 AT 8:29 PM
I don't know a lot about computer cars

I deal with the ancient stuff. Like '80s on back Jeeps.

I probably will not be your knight in shining armor, but I just sorta wanted you to understand thing a little better.

Without having a clue what these codes might mean, one can "Google" the codes

Which is what I did.A few minutes ago

There are many explanations for the codes, one must sorta interpret them, or have someone who might be an expert on this sorta stuff help you with that

I reckon that's why you are here?

Many times, the code does not specifically say, "This item is bad". It will say "Kinda Sorta", "This system is not giving the Data, it should be giving". That's where the pulling your hair out stuff, comes into play!

Something somewhere is causing the system, that threw the code out, to malfunction.

Sometimes, yes, you do get lucky, if a "part or sensor", is mentioned in the code explanation, sometimes, . That is the fix!

I just sorta wanted you to know, at least a little, of what the deal is.

Code P0102. Deals with the MAF sensor, it is located in the "snout" or "snorkel" where the air cleaner hooks onto the throttle body. It generally has a few screws holding it in, a electrical connection, and is usually real EZ to remove to clean, or to replace. The parts store can tell you "what" to clean it with, and can probably point it out to you. Even if it doesn't help, and something else caused P0102. You won't be-a-hurtin' nuttin', by doing it!

Code P0402 Does concern the EGR. In some way.I have no idea how or why.I too, throw parts at problems, however, I can/ and do perform the installations myself, So I just gotta buy the parts!

Sometimes one code, sorta causes another one, fixing the first, sometimes will wipe the other clean. This is nice, when that happens!

Once you do, whatever you do, to try to fix your issues, .I erase my codes, if the issue persists. The codes usually reappear.

See-uns how I am not well versed in "Code Talking". And I am guilty of throwin' parts as you are. It is possible that, yet another Expert, who does "Code Talk", will pop into this post and sling out some "Real World Assistance" to you. It does happen.I see it all of the time!

At our house, we have 4 vehicles.2 real Jeeps and 2 computer controlled modern rigs. Recently My Wife's SUV gave me some problems, with a "stutter" more evident when pulling hills, it remained drive-able, but took me 2 months to resolve it.I spent around $300, much of which was "Parts Slingin'".

This is my way of viewing it:

Got several "Fresh, New Parts", on a vehicle with over 100,000 miles.

I now have, almost an equal amount of used, spare parts!

Had I taken it to a shop, for just "one" of the parts to be installed, it probably would have cost as much as I spent, for the "many" parts, that I installed.

Last but not least, I did learn from the experience!

Xcodes.(Office use only)

I wish you the best of luck, watch your mail, someone else, may show up here.

The Medic
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Thursday, July 7th, 2011 AT 5:52 AM

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