1993 Mercury Marquis help

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 96,000 MILES
I got my key broke off inside the ignition, and can see a piece of it, but cant get to it. What do I do?
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Friday, April 3rd, 2009 AT 7:30 PM

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You will have to remove and replace the ignition lock cylinder. To do this with the key broken in the clyinder, perform the following procedures:

Non-Functional Lock
The following procedure is for vehicles with non-functioning locks. On these vehicles, the lock cylinder cannot be rotated due to a lost or broken key, the key number is not known, or the lock cylinder cap is damaged and/or broken, preventing the lock cylinder from rotating.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
If equipped, properly disarm the air bag system.
Remove the steering wheel; refer to the procedure in this section.
On 1989 vehicles, remove the trim shroud halves by removing the attaching screws.
Remove the electrical connector from the key warning switch.
On 1989-90 vehicles, drill out the retaining pin using a 1 / 8 in. Diameter drill, being careful not to drill deeper than 1 / 2 in. Position a chisel at the base of the ignition lock cylinder. Strike the chisel with sharp blows, using a hammer, to break the cap away from the lock cylinder.
On 1991-98 vehicles, use channel lock or vise grip type pliers to twist the lock cylinder cap until it separates from the lock cylinder.
Drill approximately 1 3 / 4 in. Down the middle of the ignition key slot, using a 3 / 8 in. Diameter drill bit, until the lock cylinder breaks loose from the breakaway base of the lock cylinder. Remove the lock cylinder and drill shavings from the lock cylinder housing.
Remove the snapring or retainer, washer and steering column lock gear. Thoroughly clean all drill shavings and other foreign materials from the casting.
Inspect the lock cylinder housing for damage and replace, as necessary.

Install the ignition lock cylinder and check for smooth operation.
Attach the electrical connector to the key warning switch and install the trim shrouds, if necessary.
Install the steering wheel and connect the negative battery cable.

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