1998 Mercedes Benz E430



February, 14, 2009 AT 1:56 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Mercedes Benz E430 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 151000 miles

just bought my car ive done motor mounts trannie mounts valve cover gaskets and cats with all o2 sensors plus I did oil pan seal too have leak in front of car around or under drive belts could be oil or trans fluid had full trannie service@100k car is bouncy through shifts but always shifts at correct points can constant hear winning from transmittion is it normal? Do not have tools to pull front of car apart to see exactly where leak is comming from what might this be?


1 Answer



February, 28, 2009 AT 11:59 AM

A constant whine from the transmision is not at all normal for this vehicle. If you feel confident and have a set of torx sockets you can probably handle this since it sounds like you hae repaired several other things on this vehicle. I would first recommend pressure washing the underside of the vehicle and then looking for the leak. This may allow you to see where the leak is coming from without having to the engine apart.

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