1997 Mercedes Benz 500sl



August, 3, 2010 AT 8:11 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Mercedes Benz 500sl V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 88,000 miles

The engine will turn over and run for a few secends and wiill not stay runninnig. It is getting fuel to the injectors and the fuel loop. The car had been runninng that day and was not stalling. I parked the car and it did not start.
The second problem I have is that the roll over bar is upand will not move back down.


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August, 4, 2010 AT 11:02 PM

Hello and thanks for donating

Since you have already checked the fuel then we can rule it out. There is still compression and spark to test. Ensure that the plugs are getting a healthy blue/white spark at each cylinder.

If the engine light is on then retrieve the trouble codes as they can pinpoint the culprit, it may be a sensor or switch causing the issue.

As for the roll over bar, if it pops up you should press the switch as if trying to raise the bar for several seconds until you hear a " click". This re-engages the drive mechanism so that you can then lower it with the switch normally.

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