Mazda, 96', 120k, Protege, 1.5 DOHC: CV-joint

I had an outer cv point broken open and was told to get it fixed asap. So, I looked into what to do and decided to replace both front axles instead of just the boots. I have run into some problems and need advice on how to go about solving them.
1) The rotor on the passenger side of the vehicle will not come off. I have taken the wheel off, the lock nut, and the caliper off. I is really stuck on there because I have tried very hard to get it off. (The driver side rotor came off as soon as I removed the caliper.) I have spoken to a few guys at work and gotten a few tips. I was wondering if you techs had an experience like this and what you did to overcome it. Maybe heating the rotor and knocking it loose?
2) I am also unable to get the halfshafts off the car. The passenger side halfshaft will not budge from the wheel's thoothed socket. The auto repair manuals I have read have refered to simply pulling it or using a rubber mallet to get it out. I have tried both and have made no progress. The same halfshalf will not budge from the intermediate halfshaft. The manuals have said to use a pry bar and gently knock it out. This too has not worked for me. I haven't started to remove the driver side halfshaft because I need to get the tie end rod out. Anyway, is there something I am missing here? I am starting to become hopeless and need some kind of solution that has previously work and some reassurance.
I really want to get it apart so please reply asap!
Thanks a bunch.
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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 AT 9:31 PM

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A little heat might help but you neeed to be careful not to cook the bearing seals. Might need to drop the mallet in favor of a real hammer. Most axles are held in by circular clips that sometimes take more than a light tap to get apart. Dont really need to remove the rotor, work around it, it isnt part of the outer hub assembly
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Thursday, March 15th, 2007 AT 8:27 AM

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