January, 23, 2006 AT 9:21 PM

Hi I have a 1995 mazda millenia, I moved it today to clean it out and when I went to started back up it would not do it. It makes a cliking noise in the fuse box undre the hood. What should I do?


2 Answers



January, 24, 2006 AT 5:37 PM

Sounds like your starter went out



January, 25, 2006 AT 8:52 AM

I am having a similar problem. The car, Protege 1999 49000miles, will not start.

It happen before and I thought its the after market alarm. So I remove it all. But its not the problem. Then somehow I tried a few times and it start. I run it for 1 week without problem.
I thought the starter got stuck or something.

This morning I started it up and remember I left something in house. Shut it down within a minute after it start. After I come back and the car won't start.

When I tried a few times the clock on the radio got reset, CD ejected. And its the click click click sound under the hood.
I used a engine start (50A) and it won't work.
Without the engine start, I tried a few more times and the lights on the panel start binking and dim. Looks like something is draining the power out of the battery.

Is it the starter or something is ground?
Thanks a lot.

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