1993 Mazda Miata



December, 19, 2008 AT 2:51 PM

Interior problem
1993 Mazda Miata 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

Hi, my name is william, and I am a pretty good mechanic I've been working in the army going on about 4.5 years now and I'm solid on just about everything, however there is one thing I've been trying to figure out, airbags. There really isn't a lot of info on the web, and I know going to a pro is going to cost, so heres my question. My girlfriends car, the miata, after about 15-20 min of driving will sound the warning buzzer for three reps of five beeps, the visor indicates its a malfunction in the airbag system, and I want to know what, if anything, I could look at to resolve the situation. I know she has taken it to someone to have it diagnosed, and I guess they said it might be a sensor in the dash any help on this one guys or leave it to the pros and their bill?


Airbag Problem




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December, 19, 2008 AT 8:02 PM

This is some on the subject
count the flashes and let me know
I will try to look up the diagnose procedure
Retrieving & Clearing Codes
If codes are stored, AIR BAG warning light will flash or remain on when ignition is turned on. Codes are automatically cleared when fault is corrected.

Warning Light Flashes
AIR BAG warning light indicates fault codes by flashing. Count the number of flashes between pauses to determine code. Codes are prioritized. If 2 or more faults are present, highest test-priority fault indication will remain until corrected.

Warning Light Does Not Come On
Check for blown fuses, burned-out bulb, disconnected diagnostic module or open circuit between warning light and diagnostic module.

Warning Light Remains On
Check for faulty diagnostic module or poor connection at d diagnostic module.

AIR BAG FLASH CODES Priority Flash Code Cause/Diagnosis 1 Remains On Faulty Diagnostic Module Or Poor Connection At Diagnostic Module.
Flashes 3 Times Open Circuit Or Poor Connection Of Power Source Circuit.
Flashes 5 Times Faulty Front Impact Sensor.
Flashes 10 Times Faulty Diagnostic Module (System-Down Fuse Burned).
Flashes 4 Times Faulty Rear Safing Sensor.
. Flashes 6 Times Faulty Air Bag Module Or Poor Connection At Clockspring.
Flashes 7 Times Poor Wiring Harness Ground.
Flashes 8 Times Poor Ground Of Front Impact Sensor.
Flashes 9 Times Open Circuit Between Diagnostic Module And Front Impact Sensor.
Flashes 2 Times Poor Ground Of All Front Impact Sensors.



December, 28, 2008 AT 2:41 PM

So I don't have to jump anything to get the codes to flash like the regular diagnostics (obd) on the vehicle, its just the beeps?



December, 28, 2008 AT 8:56 PM

Just Count the number of flashes between pauses to determine code

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