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January, 7, 2006 AT 10:58 AM

Mazda 626 lx 1999 25k

i bought it a year ago in excellent condition and I drove it 5k last year, mostly local. I dont drive on highway often. Since about 3 months ago, I noticed the vibration from the steeling and the car baody when I drove more then 65mph. It is worsening, especially from the steeling. I did the balance. It improved a little that it starts vibrating at 70mph. The mechanic replaced the left bad rim for me and corrected the tire pressure. Then steering vibration reduced a lot, but the same vibration still presents and I feel it on my feet and from the car body.

when I drive it at low speed, < 30mph, a small slow shaking (feels like on a boat, that kind) randomly present or I hit the brake. I can't tell if it's the road condition or not. Is this related to the above problem?

thank you for any suggestion and advice:


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January, 15, 2006 AT 10:05 PM

You might have bad u joints I dont know if it is front wheel drive or Rwheel but I would check them out. I had that happen to me once it was the u joints and it did that when my rearend went out. Good luck.



January, 16, 2006 AT 6:11 AM

My self I would be looking for a tire that has had the belts seperate. Alot of times you can have a tire that has a belt shift or seperate cause a vibration. I would alos have the front and rear suspension checked very closely. Also have the c.V. Joints checked (don't bother looking for u-joints. There are none)

Cosmo. Mazda tech


Paloma Paul

January, 16, 2006 AT 4:12 PM

I think Cosmo is on the right track. My daughter hit a curb pretty hard and thereafter the MPV had horrible vibration and pulling to the right. Sure enough the tire was out or round because the cords were seperated. Have a quality shop rotate the tires keepig track of where they rotate them too. The shaking may change. Kind of a process of elimination. They may have to be rotated 2-3 times to finally determine which tire is the culprit.
Do you have a 16 year old driving your car. Ask them if they've hit a curb real hard lately!



January, 18, 2006 AT 11:32 PM

Thank you all
I took it to a friend of mine, a mechanic to take a look. He said it should be just the wheel or the tire. He test drove it and checked the front ends and the tires. And he is right. It turned out that the inner face of one tire has worn out. This wheel was in the front driver side and rotated to the rear by an autoshop when they did the balance. My friend told me that it is due to braking since most of the time I am the only one in the car. So the driver front tire gets a lot of action. He changed a good used tire for me, and the car ran smooth.

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