Dashes in message center 2001 Lincoln town

Lincoln Town 2001, 64,500 v8 - eratic (3 times) display of 3 dashes in the message center: press select button and hit reset & dashes remain in average mpg & miles to empty. Trip odometers A & b are fine. The gas guage went blank. The the check engine light came on. I was highway driving. Next exit, I turned engine off and restarted. Everything went back to normal and ran normal. Took to Lincoln dealership, ran the computer diagnostics and could not find any codes or replicate problem and was sent on my way. Traveled another couple months city and highway driving and happend couple more times BUT THE GAS GAUGE IS OKAY. Each time turning car on and off and it goes back to normal and/or miraculously without turning off the car goes back to normal.

Right now, car sitting at dealership again. Ran diagnostics and nothing. They are driving, starting and stopping with no duplication.

2nd) now the horn will not sound when I hit the lock button with both remotes working properly & fresh batteries (horn works if I press it manually).

3) air bag remains on, dealership did computer diagnostics and traced it to a break somewhere in the wiring harness and wants $1100 to replace?
Can it be a dirty contact or something simple and cheap? Right, wishfull thinking.

Please have any answers or clues, I want my car back with proper readings. Seams dealership should get a new computer?
Thank you
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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 AT 12:36 PM

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The air bag price is terrible. I would have the short fixed and NOT replace the unit as they are asking to do.

The horn on the remote I would associate with the receiver modulator for the remote.

Next time the dashes occur and the CEL comes on get to the dealership or an Autozone to get the reading out of the computer.
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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 AT 12:45 PM

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