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August, 27, 2007 AT 9:04 PM

1990 Lincoln Town car, V8, 5.0 L, 375,000 km, parked in the garage for 6 to 8 months, taken out on the road again. The air conditioning cluch engages at regular intervals for a few seconds, then stops. A click sound can be heard when the cluch engages and disengages, from somewhere close or in that vertical cilinder like a tank which always gets wet and dripping (please excuse my ignorance). Very hot air is coming out throught the vents. Temperature settings seem to have no effect whatsoever.
Please help!
Donation is on the way.I have more questions and I want to keep this car running.
Thank you


A/c 02 L 300


Ac Will Not Turn On!!!


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November, 16, 2007 AT 2:22 AM

The clicking in the is from the low side pressure switch. It is screwed onto the fitting on the Accumulator/ receiver tank.
When the system is low on refrigerant. Freon.R-12 originally in a 1990, the switch kicks the ac clutch on and off and eventually keeps it off when it it too low. To prevent damage to compressor.
You said the tank always gets wet and dripping. Is it getting wet and driping now with it cycling?
It shouldn't be if it is low on refrigerant.
If the tank is not cold and sweating. You are probably just low on refreigerant charge.
Has it been converted to R-134a. The " new" Freon. Actually caled SUVA by Dupont the Freon people?
If so you can buy a can with a hose already on it and add some to it.
Keep the can upright with the ac system on and car running. Shake the can up at a low to medium rate when adding it. You will have to hold the push button on the top of the can down for it to go in. Most are kind of like a sharing cream can with a hose on it.
Wear safety glasses. The worst that can happen is a jose could blow off or burst if you have a restriction. And the refrigerant WILL freeze and hurt EYES badly.

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