2003 Lincoln Town Car

2003 Lincoln Town Car V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic

the floors inside the car gets wet
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have the same problem?
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 AT 3:39 PM

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Do both sides get wet or just the passenger side? There's a gasket on the fresh air intake that deteriorates over time and allows water to leak in on the passenger's side.

Also here's from another post:
This is simple to fix but time consuming. Remove the black plastic grille that's at wiper arm on pass side. Two black plastic screws. Lift away grille. No need to remove wiper arm. You'll see a black plastic tray surrounding a screen mesh. Tray has about five 8mm sheetmetal screws & two 11 nuts. Remove screws & nuts. Lift tray up over the two studs and then pull to pass side. Then lift tray away from car. Turn tray upside down & you'll see a thin foam gasket. Make note of it's shape and then remove gasket entirely. Use rubbing alcohol to get every bit of gasket adhesive off. Then clean the car's bodywork up around where the tray was sitting. Clean it real good. Damp cloth & 409. Followed by rubbing alcohol. Make sure both tray & bodywork are very clean & very dry. Now, for the fix. Have a tube of good quality 100% silicone sealer (I used both auto type $$$. And the 10-11oz tube found at Lowes/HomeDepot cheaper at $5. Both work equally as well) on hand. Put a VERY thick heavy bead around tray where gasket was. Put another VERY thick heavy bead around bodywork where gasket did contact. DO NOT use another gasket. The silicone will do the job & not fail. Now put the tray back in. Install & tighten all fasteners only hand-tight. Don't let the car get wet for 24 hours. That leak on pass side front footwell is fixed. Drying out the carpet is another matter though. Best to take seats & carpet out. Each front seat has 4 fasteners & electrical connectors. Then console slips off studs. Take seat belt anchors loose. Pop plastic trim panels off that surround door openings. Lift rear seat bottom out and away. Carpet will pull right out (it's HEAVY!). It's NOT glued in. Carpet has an integral closed cell foam backing that holds ALOT of water. Taking it out is the ONLY way I've found to dry carpet. Scrub it good w/pinesol & water & soft brush. Rinse it good. Hang it up on a ladder. Allow a good 48 hours in warm dry air. Once carpet is out you'll see two foam backed black pads that're up in each footwell. They'll be soaked too. Too much trouble to pull them out. Simply prop them up. Squeeze out as much water as you can. Then run a small ceramic cube heater at pad overnight on low. GOOD LUCK!
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Friday, February 5th, 2010 AT 10:17 AM

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