1986 Lincoln Town Car



June, 26, 2007 AT 8:08 AM

Bought an '86 Town car for endro race. Trying to get running as cheaply as possible. It has a 5.0 and has 142,000 miles. The fuel pump was not working. Ended up being an electrical problem. Bypassed an pump works fine. I have fuel up to the injector rail. Car will think about starting and then just turn over. It will run on starting fluid, but won't make the transition over to gas. Do I have blockage somewhere, or some other problem? Is there a way to bypass any problem sensors? Car will only be driven 20 miles on dirt track once a month. Can't put much into it.
Thanks for any help


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June, 27, 2007 AT 2:42 PM

There are several relays for the fuel pump system one should be under front drivers seat there is one by your computer, ( passenger side dash) one under the hood , when you turn the key to on position you should hear a click from each one of these points. Locations may vary also check the fuel pump shut off switch located in trunk drivers side hope this helps

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