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How do I change the oil on a 2000 lincoln ls?
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Sunday, June 11th, 2006 AT 8:55 PM

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Ok. Well first off all, you need to jack the car up on the front end. Put jack stands underneath the car. Make sure to jack up the car on the proper points as not to damage the body. Go to a auto parts store and pick up the correct oil and oil filter. Tell them what kind of car you have and they will hook you up with the correct stuff. Under the car you will see the oil pan. Its black almost likea box and it will have a single nut on the underside tawards the center of the oil pan. Get a pan and take a socket and undo the n/bolt, just enough to get it off with your fingers. Place the pan underneath the nut/bolt and unscrew the bolt. Let all the oil drain out from that hole. Then unscrew the oil filter. The oil filter should be on the right side of the car. Its either screwed in sideways or strighat up. After all the oil has drained out from the hole where the nut/blot screws in, take the pan and move it under the oil filter. Unscrew the oil filter from the car, and dump the filter right into the pan with the other oil. Then take a shop rag or an old towel and clean the fitting where the oil filter came off. Make sure the rubber gasket came off with the oil filter and is not still on the gasket or when you start the car up oil will leak everywhere. Ok, then go ahead and clean the fitting on the oil pan where the bolt/nut came off. Be sure to clean it very well. Then screw the bolt back on. Fill the oil filter up with oil, and screw that back on. Then open the hood and fill the oil back up again. Check your cars manuel for how many quarts to put it and which strength. 10 w 30 or which ever. Then drop the car down and start it up. Make sure there is no oil leaking from underneath the car. Let the car run for about 5 min. Then shut the car off and check the oil. Add more if nessarcy. Hope this helps and sorry for such a long post. Any questions, let me know. Also. Make sure to tighten with a socket that bolt back up and the same with the oil filter. But be VERY careful. The oil filter isnt very strong and if you use a wrench or something liike that you have the chance of crushing the oil filter.

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 AT 9:15 PM

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