1998 Rover Range Rover


don chip

May, 9, 2008 AT 7:49 PM

Engine Cooling problem
1998 Range Rover V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 103000 miles

Car overheats if driven for 2 to 3 miles but does not overheat parked and idling.
Thermostat looks to be OK. I flushed the system as well but problem persists.
I suspect water pump but don't know how to check if its pumping.
If it is the pump I can't get to all the bolts with the fan attached to the shaft. Can you please detail pump removal steps. Including how to get fan with clutch off the car.


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May, 9, 2008 AT 11:58 PM

You dont look at the thermostat and declare it-its good you have to test it or replace it cheap fix for the water pump see below

One way to test for a bad water pump is to squeeze the upper radiator hose when the engine is hot and idling. Careful, because the hose will be HOT! If you do not feel much coolant circulating through the hose when you rev the engine, the pump may be bad. The other cause might be a bad thermostat that is not opening properly (remove and inspect the thermostat), or a clogged radiator.

Its in the repair manual get one here see below links-

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