1995 Rover Range Rover



January, 9, 2008 AT 6:13 PM

Electrical problem
1995 Range Rover V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 164000 miles

First time owner of a Range Rover. Love it but don't understand it.

Friend took it out the other day and couldn't move the gear shift out of park postion though car otherwise fine. As he was in the middle of no where called the dealership and was walked through by-passing the brake shift lock. If that sounds right? Told the brake switch had to be replaced, maybe $20 part, but would be ok so long as the car stayed on neutral when parked and though the brake lights don't work it was good enough to get it home and to the garage. All good but habit put the car into park upon arriving home and not a chance of moving it as I looked at the part to replace and found a mess of charcoal plastic and seemingly fused and bare wires. Surely that's not so good.

I do not have a manual for the truck, but I assumed it
would have an emergency release swich or something
somewhere - I've been told not true, that I have a
chance by locating two wires coming out of the end of the gear shift box, powering them up with the
cigarette lighter in order to bypass the brake swich
lock. I cannot find anything other than a cluster af
approx 6/7 wires. I have removed the entire centre
console but I cannot get the gear shift head off to
remove the plastic casing to look in further.

I cannot imagine that it is an impossible task - the
damn thing is supposed to be an safari vehicle right?

I am not a mechanic, but I can follow mechanical directions well. Please help!


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Dave H

January, 5, 2010 AT 4:06 AM

Have the vehicle towed to a rapair shop. The wiring needs repairing before you attempt to start the vehicle

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