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1999 Land Rover

I have a problem with repairs I have had done at a dealership and would like to know answers to a few questions. 1 If a clutch is very stiff/heavy is it a sign the clutch is going, should a dealership mechanic notice this, when it does go, as mine did, would it be probable that the other bits around it (sorry don't know names) would go as well. 2 If a rear suspension air bag is on its way out would a mechanic know by the sound of the motor for the suspension. In the scenario where bag fails is it probable that the motor driving the suspension will fail. 3 If the handbrake is loose should a mechanic notice this and oil leaking into the handbrake and surrounding area. In short i've spent a total of 2500 in 4 weeks on three separate repairs at a dealership for what now seems like things that should have been noticed before they escalated. I need to know an opinion of a pro before I confront the dealership with my concerns. The land rover discovery on an x reg was given as a gift to me and taken to the same dealership 3 months before this period with the brief to fix every thing necessary before it was handed over. I know this is lengthy any info and/or opinion would be appreciated.

Friday, November 27th, 2009 AT 10:41 AM

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Stiff clutch pedal is a sign of a clutch going bad and it is best to replace all parts while the gearbox is out of the vehicle to avoid having to pull it all out again. All parts can break at a moments notice without signs. !

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Friday, November 27th, 2009 AT 10:41 AM

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