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May, 8, 2013 AT 7:26 AM

My car needed a new gas tank because the fuel line was damaged. I found one used without the fuel pump, but my old one had been working fine so I installed that. I saw trace elements of water in the basket the pump sits in and removed it, but used all the other parts, including the sending unit. It has run terribly since. Stopped the tank again to put in the old sending unit and that seemed to fix the gauge problem. So, the tank had the old pump and sending unit. The only thing existing are some little screen looking things that I'm not familiar with. Could they be the problem? I have even changed out the plugs, wires and distributor cap in case it was a spark issue for some reason. It ran alot better (not normal) but is back to the same running condition. Really rough idle and no power.


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May, 8, 2013 AT 10:33 AM

The strainer is for preventing debris from getting into the fuel pump. Did you replace the fuel filter?

Check the fuel pressure.

Rough idling can be due to other problems. What is the idling speed? It could be too low.


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May, 9, 2013 AT 11:09 AM

Reply from grayhandyman via email: The first thing I changed out was the fuel filter. Yesterday I ran out of gas while letting it warm up (runs 1000% better when it almost at operating temperature). It basically won't drive cold. When I put gas in it, it seemed to run at 90-95% of normal. It was the first time I had taken it on the freeway since changing the plugs, wires and distributor cap. It was the first time in several weeks that I was actually able to do the speed limit, and get back up to the speed limit when I had to slow down. It honestly ran great. However, I had forgotten that the check engine light keeps coming on periodically-which it never had previously- and when I was headed home last night I didn't really give it a chance to warm up and it just started jumping and jerking like crazy. But when I did let it warm up for a few minutes, it ran great once again. I am just wondering if there is something besides a fuel problem, like vacuum, EGR, etc. I was planning on changing the fuel pump, but if it isn't the problem, I can't really afford to. The only thing I haven't changed on the tank are those two strainers, and I don't know how important they are. There could have been debris or moisture in the new (used tank) that got sent through the lines, I suppose. Also, when it was running shoddily, pressing down on the accelerator seemed to make the car bog down and the only way to get going was to back off the accelerator, then get on it, then back off it, etc. The car failed emissions when I took it in a few months ago, and I have to get it to pass to renew the expired tags. I believe it has needed a new head gasket for the last couple of years (which I have already purchased), but it just seemed like a huge ordeal, although I really need to get it done. It doesn't blow smoke or any of those symptoms, but when it had overheated three years ago and I changed out the radiator, thermostat, etc, it was blowing smoke then. Every once in a while it still does blow a small amount of smoke early in the morning. It is an older car, but hasn't even reached 199,000 miles and runs great the majority of the time. Any feed back you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your help. Marcus-the-frustrated-Camry-owner



May, 10, 2013 AT 5:20 AM

When the MIL indicates, it means an error has been detected by the engine management system and you need to retrieve the trouble code to find out what is causing it. Above link explains how to go about.

Let me know what you find and please reply to this post instead of via email in order that I get notified and would response faster..

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