1999 Kia Sophia 1999 Kia Sophia - doesn't start in cold wea

  • 1999 KIA SEPHIA
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 93,000 MILES
My Kia doesn't start when the temperture drops in the single digits. I have had the car for over a year, and it's been okay to drive when it's above 20 degrees, but as soon as it drops in the single digits, it's hard to start. I have to either get a jump to crank it up, or let it sit until the temperture comes above 32 degrees. On Monday, the temp dropped down to 8 degrees and I tried to start my car, it sounded like it wanted to start, but it did nothing. I replaced the battery, and it still did nothing. We jumped the car and it still did nothing. I've noticed other kia owners have the same issue. Has anyone found a solution, without having to replace alternators or other expensive parts. I paid $75 for a new battery and probably didn't need it! Help!
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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 AT 10:46 AM

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Insufficient engine coolant temperature for closed loop fuel control
After engine start-up, the elapsed time before feedback operation is initiated is too long [Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor input is insufficient for closed loop operation
• Poor connections between ECT and ECM
• Faulty ECTS


1. With ignition off, disconnect connector from ECTS and connector from ECM. Measure resistance between ECTS pin 1 and ECM 78 (less than 1 ohm). Is resistance less than 1 ohm?
Yes Go to step 2.
No Locate source of high resistance between ECTS pin 1 and ECM pin 78. Repair as necessary.

2. Remove ECT from engine. Measure resistance across terminals per chart "B". Are resistance measurements within specification?
· - 6 degrees F = 16.2 k ohms +/- 10%
· 68 degrees F = 2.45 k ohms +/- 10%
· 176 degrees F = 0.322 k ohms +/- 10%
Chart B

Yes Thoroughly check for loose, bent or corroded terminals between ECT and ECM.
No Replace ECT.

3. Clear codes and verify any repairs by driving vehicle while monitoring ECT and Fuel Stat 1 in user data list with SCAN TOOL. Refer to chart "A" for amount of time in which Fuel Stat 1 should show closed loop operation after engine has been started. (Get start-up temperature by accessing user data with ignition key on and engine off before starting vehicle...
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 AT 2:45 AM

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