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2002 Kia Carnival 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi .... can I get timing belt diagram for KIA CARNIVAL 2002 V6.
I saw the timing belt for KIA SEDONA but I think the engine is totally different ....thx


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Here are the instructions and diagrams you need to get the job done.

Remove the engine cover.
Remove the drive belt.
Remove the idler pulley, crankshaft pulley, power steering pulley and tensioner pulley.
Remove the upper and lower timing belt cover.
Support the engine with garage jack or special tool, and then remove the engine mounting insulator.
Caution: Take care not to deform the engine oil pan.
Remove the auto tensioner.
Notice: Rotate the crankshaft clockwise and align the timing mark to get the No.1 cylinder's piston be in TDC position (compression stroke). At this time, the timing marks of the camshaft sprocket and cylinder head cover should coincide with each other.
Remove the timing belt.
Notice: When re-using timing belt, make sure of marking the rotating direction on the belt so as to install correctly.


Method of installing timing belt and auto tensioner
Install the idler pulley to the engine support lower bracket.
Install the tensioner arm, shaft and plain washer to the cylinder block. Tightening torque: 35 - 55 Nm (350 - 550 kg-cm, 25.82 - 40.57 ft. Lbs.)
Install the crankshaft sprocket.
Notice: Confirm if timing marks coincide with.
Caution: Align the spacer with a pin, and assemble it exerting even force not to deform the crankshaft sensing blade.
Install the camshaft sprocket. Align it like initial state as shown.
Caution: When installing camshaft sprocket, tighten the bolt holding hexagonal part of camshaft to prevent it from turning.
Install the auto tensioner to the oil pump case.
Caution: At this time the auto tensioner's set pin should be assembled completely.
Align the timing marks of each sprocket and install the timing belt, maintaining the proper belt tension between each shaft in this order. Crankshaft sprocket -> Idler pulley -> Left bank exhaust camshaft sprocket -> Left bank intake camshaft sprocket -> Water pump pulley -> Right bank intake camshaft sprocket -> Right bank exhaust camshaft sprocket -> Tensioner pulley.
1 As a result of this, position of No.1 cylinder comes to compression TDC.
2 As each camshaft sprocket tends to rotate by itself, pay attention not to injure fingers or other bodily part. Especially be careful with the right bank.
3 In case the right bank camshaft sprocket rotates excessively, be cautious not to rotate more than the initial stable position. Always align timing mark of rotating sprocket by turning it reversely. In this case, pay attention not to rotate It reversely from the initial position. (If, with one sprocket fixed at No.1 compression TDC position, the other sprocket is rotated one revolution clockwise or counterclockwise, then the intake and exhaust valve might interfere each other.)
After installing the timing belt, exert the reverse directed force to the right bank exhaust camshaft sprocket to give tension on the belt. Holding this state, recheck it each timing mark is correctly positioned.

With tensioner pulley slightly pushing the belt down, tighten the center bolt slightly.
Pull out the auto tensioner set pin

Please let us know happens so it will help others.

Best, Ken
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