Key wont Fit in ignition what did the mechanic do

  • 2003 HONDA CIVIC
  • 200 MILES
I have an 03 civic ex that I took to a mechanic on june 3rd of 2013. The reason was because I was driving fine one day and pulled into a gas station got gas shut the car off, turned it back on and the car refused to move when I put it into gear. It has an auto trans. Underlying issues prior to this incident included needing new struts, new cv joints, new motor mount bushings, and probably tie rods. So my husband gets under the hood does something to reboot the cars computer or something like that and I start it up and it jolts real heard at like 3 or 4000 rpms and starts moving for a minute but after that it wouldnt go into gear regardless of how I reved the engine. Neither in revers or forward so we had a friend tow it to this mechanic we had just used a couple of days before this happened to replace my hood latch which had broken off. So he says takes his sweet time and says that it is my transmission and I should replace it. So I tell him to order a replacement and he supposedly does this but ends up giving us the run around for about a month and half maybe 2 months claiming that his parts guy says its in transit. Hes sorry the guy has never dropped the ball like this yadda yadda. So I finally say ok just forget it dont work on it im going to explore other options. I take about a month and leave the car at his shop because I end up ordering a transmission myself. He says he will put it in and even schedules me an "appointment" that he is going to do this. Saying its only going to take him one day possibly 2 at most if theres any complications. He then stops answering my phone calls after another 2 months of waiting because he says im next, or he had a baby, or whatever the excuse was that week. So I finally get a ride up to his shop one day and see my car still sitting in the same spot as it had been when it was dropped off. I am livid. I have at this point lost my warranty on the transmission I bought and go to get in my car to see if its running. The battery is dead I was able to turn the key and get another. I popped the hood and it was all the same. Fine I tell my husband later that week when he gets back from working in the oil field and he takes me back up there and of course the guy is actually there and to our amazement my car is inside his shop. 2 weeks later still no answer to my phone calls and so we go back and the car is back outside not fixed so we say enough. We get the transmission from another person who was at the shop but doesn't have any idea about my car and we go to tow my car back with a chain and put the key in and BAM. My key now will not fit in the ignition. The wheel locked up and we couldn't tow it back. He will absolutely not see or speak to me for me to even ask what has happened. Does anyone know why my key wont fit and what I should do?
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Monday, January 13th, 2014 AT 12:02 AM

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First thing get eh car towed to a trans shop and have them put it in for you. Just explain what has h appened. Are you sure it's the correct key? If you have another try that one. He may have given you the wrong key. Then check around and see if there are any other shops that do repair that do work on your friends cars. Also if lthe key doesn't work a locksmith can make another. Then check into a lawyer and see if you have grounds to sue him form something stupidity maybe I don't know. Also if you have a state agency that licenses mechanics make a formal complaint not sure anything will happen also contact better business bureau complain there so they have it on file they may have a list of repair shops as well. I'm in Michigan so sec of state handles mechanic licenses.
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