2000 Jeep Wrangler changing fuel filter


Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Jeep Wrangler 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

My engine stalls while iddling. I am thinking I need to change the fuel filter. Where is it located, what kind of filter do I need( make and part number) and how do I change it?

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 AT 2:16 PM

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The combination Fuel Filter/Fuel Pressure Regulator is located on the fuel pump module. The fuel pump module is located on top of fuel tank.

The filter/regulator may be removed without removing fuel pump module although fuel tank must be removed.

1.Remove fuel tank. Refer to Fuel Tank Removal/Installation.
2.Clean area around filter/regulator.
3.Disconnect fuel line at filter/regulator. Refer to Quick-Connect Fittings in this group for procedures.
Fuel Filter/Fuel Pressure Regulator


4.Remove retainer clamp from top of filter/regulator.Clamp snaps to tabs on pump module. Discard old clamp.
5.Pry filter/regulator from top of pump module with 2 screwdrivers. Unit is snapped into module.
Fuel Filter/Fuel Pressure Regulator Gasket


6.Discard gasket below filter/regulator.
Fuel Filter/Fuel Pressure Regulator O-Rings


7.Before discarding filter/regulator assembly, inspect assembly to verify that o-rings are intact. If the smallest of the two o-rings can not be found on bottom of filter/regulator; it may be necessary to remove it from the fuel inlet passage in fuel pump module.

1.Clean recessed area in pump module where filter/regulator is to be installed.
2.Obtain new filter/regulator (two new o-rings should already be installed).
3.Apply a small amount of clean engine oil to o-rings. Do not install o-rings separately into fuel pump module. They will be damaged when installing filter/regulator.
4.Install new gasket to top of fuel pump module.
5.Press new filter/regulator into top of pump module until it snaps into position (a positive click must be heard or felt).
6.The molded arrow on top of fuel pump module should be pointed towards front of vehicle (12 o'clock position) .
7.Rotate filter/regulator until fuel supply tube (fitting) is pointed to 10 o'clock position .
8.Install new retainer clamp (clamp snaps over top of filter/regulator and locks to flanges on pump module).
9.Connect fuel line at filter/regulator. Refer to Quick-Connect Fittings in this group for procedures.
10.Install fuel tank. Refer to Fuel Tank Removal/Installation.


Note:Part and labor varies within location.


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