1995 Jeep Wrangler how to replace turn signal switch?

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 10,000 MILES
How to take out turn signal switch
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Disconnect the battery ground.
Cover the painted areas of the column.
Remove the column-to-dash bezel.
With tilt columns, place the column in the non-tilt position.
Turn the key to the LOCK position, then remove the steering wheel and horn components.
Remove the lockplate cover.
Compress the lockplate using tool C4156 or equivalent, and unseat the steering shaft snapring.

Do not attempt to remove the lockplate without compressor tool C4156 as the lockplate is under heavy spring pressure.

Remove the compressor and snapring.
Remove the lockplate, canceling cam and upper bearing preload spring. Remove the horn button components from the cancelling cam.
Remove the hazard warning knob. Press the knob inward and turn counterclockwise to remove it.
Remove the actuator arm attaching screw.
Remove the turn signal switch attaching screw.
Remove the five lower steering column shroud screws and slide the shroud towards the steering wheel. Apply upward pressure to the shroud and downward pressure to the indicator panel in order to release the holding tabs.
Remove the cover under the column.
If the vehicle is equipped with a column shift, remove the indicator (PRNDL) cable clip.
Remove the nuts (usually 2) holding the steering column bracket to the brake sled, then remove the bolts (usually 4) holding the steering column bracket to the column.
Loosen the column brace mounting nut at the driver's side kick panel, this will allow the column to drop.
Push the upper connector up and out of the turn signal connector.
Pry up the locking tabs of the turn signal connector and remove the connector from the column bracket.
Remove the plastic harness cover by pulling upward and slide the cover off the harness.
Remove the turn signal switch by pulling straight out of the housing.
Installation is the reverse of removal, but keep the following in mind:
When installing the turn signal switch, make sure the wires are laying flat on the bottom inside of the column.
Compress the lockplate using tool C4156 or equivalent, and install the steering shaft snapring.
On vehicles equipped with column shift, install the indicator (PRNDL) cable clip with the shift indicator on N. Move the selector through the range and make sure it lines up with each letter.
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