2006 Jeep Laredo just trying to get a straight answer

  • 2006 JEEP LAREDO
Transmission problem
2006 Jeep Laredo All Wheel Drive Automatic 50,500 miles

I have now taken the car to 2 transmission specialists who say b/c it's a Mercedes(?)/ Jeep engine they don't work on them. Very frustrating being that I am solely trying to find out whats wrong with it and how much it will be to fix. The check engine light goes on and will stay on for a day or 2 and then go away. The car every now and then, well more often then that, has trouble accelerating, like I can floor it and it will go 20mps and it won't let me shift it out of D. Sometimes the check engine light will come on after a situation like this, sometimes not. It has been doing this for months, since about May. But the majority of the time it's fine. The non specific code says it's something with the transmission module, one guy said it was something with the electronic component and it would cost 600.00 to fix, one said it would cost 120.00 and it was something else with the transmission, one said it was the transmission and would cost 4,000 and one shop said something was loose causing it to bounce around which was why the light was going on and off and the majority of the time its fine. I mean. What? Now I know nothing about cars, and I am sure these guys can smell the fear as soon as I walk into the shop, but I am a nanny, and I need my car to be safe, I need some direction or advice about what you think it could be and what I should do next. Is my best bet with this situation really the dealership? I learned very early on that the dealership isn't really your fix it friend.
Thanks for any help or advice, I am slowly losing my mind.
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Thursday, September 9th, 2010 AT 4:57 PM

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Going on what you say, I would say that it is something electrical. Question: when you say that it wont eccelerate, do you mean that it just sits there or will it take off and just not shift? If you have no other recourse available, I would check a local junkyard and try those parts first. Most of the time, electronics out of a junkyard are fine unless the car was flooded at some time(and usually you can tell when there is water damage). Cars were made to be in the weather, so therefore the electronics are appropriately sealed.
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Thursday, January 27th, 2011 AT 11:09 AM

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