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I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee 233,352 miles on it. Rode hard. Lol. Anyway.I cannot get my low beams to work anymore. High beams still work. I have replaced the headlight switch. Replaced the headlights. Checked all fuses. Still nothing. At the actual connection of the headlights I get power to the left side of the connection but not the right. I saw another article on this and they said the high/low beam switch needs replaced. Thats not the same as the headlight switch im assuming. I had to replace my ignition switch about 3 years ago and upon getting done I must not have got the accuating rod back in the right place or something cause my high beams never would work from then on at the turn signal switch on the column.I can push the rod in at the ignition switch now and get my high beams on but still no low beams. REALLY what my question is. Can I just switch the 2 wires at the actual connection at the headlights themselves and would this work or cause other problems. Dont really need high beams just need low beams or headlights to drive at nite. Please help. Thank you
Friday, March 31st, 2006 AT 8:23 AM

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The high beams are activated by a rod that changes the position of a switch located on the side of the steering column. They often work loose as it is a GM set up. It could be the switch but I doubt it. Do you feel a positive click when you move the trun signal lever? If not it is probably the switch has slipped. Drop the column in to the seat level and reset the switch position. They should work OK then
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Friday, March 31st, 2006 AT 8:52 AM

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